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M.S. Firebaugh, B.M. Rice, Y. Horie, T.M. Klapötke,
J.M. Short, R.D. Lynch, R.A. Kavetsky, D.K. Anand
Topics in Energetics Research and Development
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2012.

D.K. Anand, L. Frehill, D. Hazelwood,
R. Kavetsky, and E. Ryan
S&T Revitalization - A New Look
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2012.

M. Pecht, R. Kaczmarek, Xin Song,
D. Hazelwood, R. Kavetsky, and D.K. Anand
Rare Earth Materials - Insights and Concerns
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2011.

Invited Editor : R. Armstrong
Series Editors : J. Short, R. Kavetsky, and D.K. Anand
Energetics Science and Technology in Central Europe
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2011.

D.K. Anand, S.K. Gupta, and R. Kavetsky
Simulation-based Innovation and Discovery. Energetics Applications
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2011.

J. Short, R. Kavetsky, M. Pecht, and D.K. Anand
Energetics Science and Technology in China

CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2010.

R. Kavetsky, M. Marshall, and D.K. Anand
From Science to Seapower: A Roadmap for S&T Revitalization. POSTSCRIPT 2010
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2010.

S.K. Gupta, D.K. Anand, J. Brough, M. Schwartz, and R. Kavetsky
Training in Virtual Environments: A Safe, Cost-Effective, and Engaging Approach to Training
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2008.

R. Kavetsky, M. Marshall, and D.K. Anand
From Science to Seapower: A Roadmap for S&T Revitalization
CALCE EPSC Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2006.

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Issue 2009 Volume 1 (August 2009)

Issue 2008 Volume 1 (PDF-166KB)

Issue 2002 Volume 1 (PDF-536KB)

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Brochures and Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report (PDF-10.6M)

2011 Annual Report (PDF-2.74M)

2010 Annual Report (PDF-1.1M)

2009 Annual Report (PDF-2M)

2008 Annual Report (PDF-1.3M)

The Southern Maryland Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Studies: A Response to the Warfighter's Needs (PDF-5M)

Energetics R&D, Prototyping, and Workforce Development Brochure (PDF-927KB)

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Power Point Presentations

Dislocation Mechanics of High Strain Rate Deformations and Hot Spots in Explosives
Bertram Hopkinson Centenary Conference
9-11 September, 2014, Cambridge, U.K.

Dislocation Mechanics of High Rate Deformations
Invited seminar at the University of Nevada at Reno on April 4, 2014, relating to the invited presentation made on February 19, 2014, in the Symposium 'Dynamic behavior of Materials VI' in honor of Professor Marc Meyers at the 143rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, TMS2014, San Diego, CA.

R.W. Armstrong
60 Years of Hall-Petch: Past to Present Nano-Scale Connections
Keynote Lecture for the International Symposium "Strength of Fine Grained Materials - 60 years of Hall-Petch" scheduled at the University of Tokyo for 16-18 July, 2013

R.W. Armstrong, with presentation by Wei Zhou (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Sir Alan Cottrell and the Dislocation Mechanics of Fracturing
13th International Conference on Fracture, Beijing, China, 16-21 June 2013

R.W. Armstrong
Hall-Petch Analysis from a Combined Mechanics and Materials Viewpoint
Mechanical and Aerospace Colloquium Series, Rutgers School of Engineering, NJ, USA, 17 April 2013

R.W. Armstrong
Multiscale Grain Size and Viscoplasticity Aspects of (Nano) Polycrystal Deformation Behaviors
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, 19 March 2012

R.W. Armstrong
Thermally-activated Dislocations: From Individual Movements through Polycrystal and Nanopolycrystal Deformations to Material Dynamics Calculations and Highest Rate Tests
Charles University, Prague, CZ, 11 April 2011

R.W. Armstrong
Elastic, Plastic, Cracking Aspects of Material Behaviors in Indentation Hardness Tests
Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 31 March 2011

R.W. Armstrong
Dynamic Strength of Materials
Masters Course in Shock Physics, Institute of Shock Physics, Imperial College, London, U.K.,24, 25 March 2011

R.W. Armstrong
Consequent Dislocation Mechanics for Hot Spots in Impacted Energetics
NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center, Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 May 2010

R.W. Armstrong, W. Arnold, and F.J. Zerilli
Dislocation Mechanics of Iron and Copper in High Rate Deformation Tests
The 2009 APS SCCM Conference, Nashville, TN, USA, 28 June- 3 July 2009

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General Articles

Millard Firebaugh
US Losing Critical Skills Needed to Weaponize Unmanned Systems
National Defense Magazine, July 2009

Gary Fiskum
"Helping fighters combat brain injury"
baltimoresun.com, 10 May 2009

R.W. Armstrong, J.G. Glenn, and M. Alamaro
Coordination, research needed in weather science
Letter to the Editor, Physics Today, June 2007.

R.W. Armstrong
Multifunctional Energetic Materials
Materials Research Society Symposium H Summary, 28-30 November 2005, Boston, MA
MRS Proceedings Volume 896: Multifunctional Energetic Materials, 2006.

Allyn C. Buzzell
Virtual Training Studio: Digital Practice Makes Perfect
Swoosh and Boom, Fall 2005

R. Kavetsky, D.K Anand, J. Goldwasser, H. Bruck, R. Doherty, and R.W. Armstrong
Energetic Systems and Nanotechnology - A Look Ahead
Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Special Topics in Chemical Propulsion (6-ISICP), 8-11 March 2005, Santiago, Chile.

E.F. Brown, R. Kavetsky, E. McDuffie, and R.L. Stiegler
Pathways to Revitalization of the Navy Research Enterprise - Two Promising Examples
Proceedings of the 2005 ASEE Conference & Exposition

Allie Buzzell
Proof of Concept: Lean "Cells" Produce Better-Than-Expected Manufacturing Efficiencies
Swoosh and Boom, Spring 2005

Jim Barrett
New 3D Geometry Search Engine Allows Design Engineers to Perform Efficient Searches
Metrics, Fall 2004

R. Kavetsky, D.K. Anand, J. Short, and G.E. Dieter
New Paradigms in Naval Science and Technology
Proceedings of the 2004 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition

Allie Buzzell
Taking Stock of the CECD at First Research Review Day
July 2003

E.F. Brown, R. Kavetsky, A.L. Wicks, B.J. Mohle, C.R. Garnett, and L.C. Triola
Revitalizing the Navy's R&D Centers - Opportunities for University Collaboration
Proceedings of the 2003 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

R. Kavetsky
The Navy's Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - A Look Ahead

Allyn C. Buzzell
Cooperative Research and Education Agreement Producing Functionally Graded Energetic Materials for Fleet Applications
April 2001

Allyn C. Buzzell
Center for Energetic Concepts Development Signing Ceremony Marks Alliance Between IHDIV, NSWC and University of MD, College Park
December 1998

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Technical Articles

Review: Symmetry Aspects of Dislocation-Effected Crystal Properties: Material Strength Levels and X-ray Topographic Imaging
Symmetry 2013, 5, 1-x (manuscript): doi:10.3390/sym50x000x
ISSN 2073-8994

R.W. Armstrong
Bertram Hopkinson’s pioneering work and the dislocation mechanics of high rate deformations and mechanically induced detonations.
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 372: 20130181, 2014.

Henry W. Haslach Jr., Lauren N. Leahy, Peter Riley, Rao Gullapalli, Su Xu, Adam H. Hsieh
Solid-extracellular Fluid Interaction and Damage in the Mechanical Response of Rat Brain Tissue, Under Confined Compression
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 138-150, August 27, 2013.

R.W. Armstrong
Hall-Petch Analysis of Dislocation Pileups in Thin Material Layers and in Nanopolycrystals
J. Mater. Res., Vol. 28, No. 13, Jul 14, 2013

R. W. Armstrong
Engineering Science Aspects of the Hall-Petch Relation
George-Weng-honoring Prager Medal Symposium, 50th Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science, 28-31 July, 2013, Providence, RI.

R. W. Armstrong, W. Elban and S. Walley
Elastic, Plastic, Cracking Aspects of the Hardness of Materials
The International Journal of Modern Physics B.
Submitted 8 January 2013.

R.W. Armstrong, S.G. Bardenhagen, and W.L. Elban
Deformation-Induced Hot Spot Consequences of AP and RDX Crystal Hardness Measurements
Submitted for presentation at the 9th International Symposium on Special Topics in Chemical Propulsion (9-ISICP), 9-13 July, 2012, Quebec, Canada;
Also submitted for publication in International Journal of Energetics Materials and Chemical Propulsion (IJEMCP)

R.W. Armstrong
The Hardness and Strength Properties of WC-Co Composites
Materials 2011, 4, 1287-1308.

R.W. Armstrong and W.L. Elban
From Intermolecular Shearing to Composite Behavioral Predictions for Initiation of Energetic Materials
14th International Detonation Symposium,April 11-16, 2010, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

R.W. Armstrong and W.L. Elban
Initiation of Energetic Materials: From Intermolecular Shearing to Nano-Composite Behavioral Predictions-extended abstract registered with 14th International Detonation Symposium to be held during 11-16 April 2010 at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Ronald W. Armstrong, Werner Arnold, and Frank J. Zerilli
Dislocation Mechanics of Copper and Iron in High Rate Deformation Tests
J. Appl. Phys. 105, 023511 (2009)

R.W. Armstrong
Dislocation Mechanics Aspects of Energetic Material Composites
Reviews on Advanced Materials Science, 19 (2009) 14-34, Editor: Ilya A. Ovid’ko

R.W. Armstrong
Strength and Strain Rate Sensitivity of Nanopolycrystals
Chapter 3, Invited for Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Materials
Edited by J.C.M. Li ; Pan Stanford Publishing, C/o World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc., Hackensack, NJ, 2009

R.W. Armstrong, Stephen M. Walley
High Strain Rate Properties of Metals and Alloys
International Materials Reviews, Vol. 53, No. 3, pp. 105-128, 2008

R.W. Armstrong, W.R.Grise
Hot Spots from Dislocation Pile-Up Avalanches
Shock Compression of Condensed Matter – 2005, M.D. Furnish and M.L. Elert, eds., American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY

R.W. Armstrong
Dislocation-Assisted Initiation of Energetic Materials
Proceedings of 8th International Seminar: New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials, J. Vagenknecht, ed., Univ. Pardubice, CZ, 2005, Part 1, pp. 28-43; Central European Journal of Energetic Materials (CEJEM)

R. W. Armstrong
Dual Advantages of Ultrafine Crystal-Sized Energetic/Reactive Material Formulations

L. Zhou, K. Park, H. Milchberg, and M.R. Zachariah
Understanding the Interaction of an Intense Laser Pulse with Nanoparticles: Application to Quantification of Single Particle Mass Spectrometry
Aerosol Science and Technology 41 818-827 ( 2007)

A. Rai, K. Park, L. Zhou, and M.R. Zachariah
Understanding the Mechanism of Aluminum Nanoparticle Oxidation
Combustion Theory and Modeling, 10, 843-859 (2006)

B. Berger, C. Belai, D. K. Anand,
Toeplitz Matrices and Time Series Analysis
Proceedings of the 38th Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Conference, University of California, Sacramento, June 2-4, 2004, pp. 1-14.

B. Berger
A Literature Review of the Numerical Simulation of Mixers, S.S.E., and T.S.E. (1994-2003), Part ICECD Report, Dec. 20, 2004

H. A. Bruck, F. M. Gallant, S. Gowrisankaran
Development of a Novel Continuous Processing Technology for Functionally Graded Composite Energetic Materials using an Inverse Design Procedure

H. A. Bruck, F. M. Gallant, S. Gowrisankaran
Fabrication and Design of Multifunctional Energetic Structures Using Gradient Architectures

F. M. Gallant, H. A. Bruck, A. K. Kota
Fabrication of Particle-reinforced Polymers with Continuous Gradient Architectures Using Twin Screw Extrusion Process

F. M. Gallant, H. A. Bruck, S. Prickett, M. Cesarec
Graded Polymer Composites Using Twin Screw Extrusion: A Combinatorial Approach to Developing New Energetic Materials

G. Young, H. A. Bruck, S. Gowrisankaran
Modeling of Rocket Motor Ballistics for Functionally Graded Propellants

F. M. Gallant, H. A. Bruck
Fabrication of Graded Energetic Materials Using Twin Screw Extrusion Processing

K. Cochran, L. Fan, D. DeVoe
High Power Optical Microswitch Based on Direct Fiber Actuation

K. Cochran, L. Fan, D. DeVoe
Moving Reflector Type Micro Optical Switch for High-Power Transfer in a MEMS-Based Safety and Arming System

Editorial by M. Pecht; Article by H. Last, M. Deeds, D. Garvick, R. Kavetsky, P. Sandborn, E.B. Magrab, and S.K. Gupta
Integrated Nano-to-Millimeter (In2m) Systems
IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, Vol. 22, 1999.


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